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Telfer Strategic Collaboration & Partnership Lab

Leading systems change through networks and collaborative efforts is notoriously difficult. Research indicates that successful collaboration ultimately resides in leaders’ ability to establish strong and trusting relationships among collaborators. While defining a shared vision, clear mandates, organizational structures, and collaborative management systems are important; leadership that creates a collaborative culture is key to successful partnerships.

Telfer’s Strategic Collaboration & Partnership Lab works with participants to develop the necessary skills to successfully lead large projects that require collaboration across teams and/or organizations.  The Lab is not a “course.”  The lab process is a series of intensive learning and work sessions where participants learn tools and practices that help them to develop mutual trust with other collaborators and strategies to move forward with real-time ongoing initiatives.  


Program is available upon request.


Price is available upon request.


The lab consists of three 2-day face-to-face learning and work sessions scheduled approximately 6-8 weeks apart. Participants will be part of action learning teams that will meet virtually for a total of four times (supported by a Telfer faculty member) between the face-to-face learning sessions.

How to Register

To ensure a good fit between the lab objectives and individual learning objectives, interested teams or workgroups should first be in touch with and will participate in an interview call with a member of the Telfer faculty.

A lab cohort will be between 20-24 participants and will comprise 4-6 workgroups. 

Our payment & cancellation policy can be found HERE.

Who Should Attend

A successful lab relies on the skill, passion and creativity of those involved. It is a process built on team dynamics – driving innovation and ideas through discussion, debate and interaction.

This program aims to involve all or part of a workgroup that is engaged in collaborating towards a common issue or project. We encourage each participating workgroup to involve a diverse mix of participants in the Lab such as technical and functional experts, decision makers, administrators and support resources.  This might include government employees from more than one Department/Agency (or level of government) as well as nongovernment or private sector representatives.   

What You Will Learn

  1. How to develop new and innovative solutions through intensive problem-solving and strategy development;
  2. Collaboration and partnering skills, building your capacity to work together across organizational lines and cultures;
  3. Practical tools and strategies which will help accelerate the development of solutions to typical challenges of cross-cutting and enterprise-wide initiatives.

Program Takeaways

  • Rapid initiation/acceleration and improvement of new or ongoing collaboration initiatives
  • Practical strategies to obtain and sustain stakeholder/collaborator commitment and engagement
  • Enhanced collaborative leadership skills
  • Improved conditions for innovation and problem-solving
  • Increase in system-wide capacity to execute on complex collaboration initiatives

Instructor Profile(s)

Ingrid Richter, PhD

Ingrid Richter is an Executive-in-Residence at the Telfer School of Management. After starting her career in community-based organizations, Ingrid moved to the Ontario public service where she held a variety of management positions, primarily in public safety, policing and corrections. She then left government to finish her PhD and begin a career in private practice, focusing on strategy, organizational learning and change, as well as leadership development. Since 1999 she has designed and facilitated a wide variety of leadership and change programs at the Canada School of Public Service and other federal departments. She also has extensive experience in change leadership and capacity development projects in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

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