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Once Registered

1. Once your course selection is approved, you may modify your course selection. Enrolment in another course will only be possible if places are still available.

MBA Students (Graduate)
Course changes must be done during the first week of courses.

B. COM Students (Undergraduate)
Course changes can only be made during the second week of classes.

All course modifications (add, delete, change of sections, withdrawal) must be done officially on the Modification/Cancellation of Registration form and before the deadlines (check timetable).

For the duration of your studies at the University of Ottawa, it is important to keep the student copy of all transactions made with the University.

2. Social activities are organized by the Telfer School of Management during orientation week.

The schedule of all events will be sent to you before arrival.

3. If you need to communicate with your home institution, feel free to come to the Student Services Centre, DMS 1100. We will be happy to take care of your requests.

4. A copy of your transcript will be mailed directly to your University at the end of the semester. However, you can verify your marks on the web To access this information, students must obtain a password from University of Ottawa with proper I.D.  Since you will not have a Canadian Social Insurance Number, you can replace this number by 0's on the request form.


Official transcripts are mailed directly to your University. Should you require an extra copy, please contact the Student Services Centre, DMS 1100.