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Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

Competitive Tuition Fees 

Telfer MHA tuition fees are highly competitive. The total cost of the Intensive option of the Telfer MHA is roughly $28,000 for students who are Canadians or permanent residents of Canada, and roughly $40,000 for international students.

For the Professional option of the Telfer MHA, full-time registration is required. The total cost of the program is divided by the number of terms (7), which is equivalent to appoximately $4,000 per term. For more information, please consult the University fees website.

The differential tuition fee exemption for international students who completed their secondary or post-secondary diploma in French, reduces tuition fees to those paid by Canadian citizens and Permanent residents. For more information about the differential tuition fee exemption, please consult the uOttawa International Office website.

All students in all options must accumulate 54 course units to be eligible for graduation.


Please note that the MHA intensive option (16 months duration) will not be offered in 2017. The program is currently being revamped and will be offered starting in 2018.