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  • #MeToo, Workplace Sexual Harassment, and How Organizations Can Cope with Current Challenges

    Professor O’Reilly talks about the #metoo movement, her research on bystander’s reactions to workplace sexual harassment, and how organizations can create a respectful working environment.
  • Congratulations to Professors Anna Dodonova and Yuri Khoroshilov!

    Professors Dodonova and Khoroshilov won the Outstanding Paper Award at the 2018 Southwestern Finance Association meeting.

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March 15

SSHRC: Partnership Engage Grants
SMRG: Research Event Grant

March 29

CPA Canada–CAAA: Financial Accounting, Assurance & Tax Research Grant  (letter of intent)
CPA Canada–CAAA: Special Topics Research Grant (letter of intent)

April 16

SMRG: Research Accelerator Grant
SMRG: Research Grant

May 1

SSHRC: Connection Grants
NSERC: Collaborative Research and Training Experience Program (letter of intent)

May 15

University of Ottawa: Conference/Workshop on Campus Opportunity

No deadline - apply at any time

Telfer School: Student Research Grant
Telfer School: Team Grant - Level 2
University of Ottawa: Interdisciplinary Research Group Funding Opportunity (IRGFO) - Stream 2
University of Ottawa: Financial support for open access publishing
Mitacs: Accelerate