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  • New article published in the Social Science & Medicine journal

    ‘Complexity-compatible’ policy for integrated care? Lessons from the implementation of Ontario's Health Links
  • Relevant and impactful research

    The 2016-2017 Telfer Research Annual Report is out!
  • New award for our doctoral students

    John Duncan and Deb Cross Award

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Upcoming Deadlines

January 15

University of Ottawa Seed Funding Opportunity
University of Ottawa Bridge Funding Opportunity

January 23

CIHR SGBA Health Policy-Research Partnerships

February 1

SSHRC Connection Grants

February 2

SSHRC Insight Development Grants

February 6

CIHR Project Grant
CIHR Indigenous Component of Healthy Life Trajectory

February 15

SSHRC Partnership Grants - Stage 1
University of Ottawa Conference/Workshop on Campus Opportunity
University of Ottawa Interdisciplinary Research Group Founding Opportunity

March 15

SSHRC Partnership Engage Grants
SMRG Research Event Grant

April 16

SMRG Research Accelerator Grant
SMRG Research Grant

May 1

SSHRC Connection Grants
NSERC Collaborative Research and Training Experience Program (letter of intent)

May 15

University of Ottawa Conference/Workshop on Campus Opportunity